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Resurrection at Play through the Years

Posted by Ginny Raffa on OP1er @ 1:36 PM


It was 1962 when Mary Izzard and Lillian Ludwig, two Altar Guild members at Resurrection, had an important conversation. “What a shame the church area is not being used all week,” they said to one another. “What do you think about starting a nursery school for three-to five-year-olds?”

From that one statement, Lutheran Playschool, as it was originally named, was born.

In the beginning, the Playschool’s goal was to create a Christian atmosphere for children to be together with others in their age group, and to help them develop their abilities in schools. In the early days, school was held in the Tudor style house on Stewart Avenue, with a group of seven children and Mary and Lillian serving as teachers. In 1972, the playschool was moved to the parish hall of the church and the group size grew to forty children. Playschool was certainly growing! When the school reached 60 children, the first ever afternoon session was added. In 1987, Chris Turner, the school’s current director, came on board, and a few years later, the school changed its name from playschool to preschool. “The name change came about because we started to formalize the preschool more with reading readiness, a pre-K program, letters and numbers,” says Chris.

Through the years, God’s blessings and daily presence have been reflected through the love of the teachers and staff. Children of all faiths—Jewish, Catholic, Lutheran, Methodist, Baptist and Episcopal—have come through Resurrection’s doors and learned many wonderful things that will help them in life. They’ve worked together beautifully: taking turns, learning how to follow rules, cleaning up together, how to tie shoes, and love one another. “Kindergarten is a whole new ballgame,” says Chris, “so we give them what they need to be ready for that.” But Resurrection Preschool doesn’t forget the fun stuff either. “We have a well-rounded program where they learn great music with Linda Wardley, and do so many arts and crafts and painting too,” adds Chris.

Today the preschool has approximately 130 students enrolled in a variety of programs from Mommy and Me to a transition kindergarten, preschool class and a two-year-old separation group that has become quite popular.

Who would have guessed that a little conversation between two members in church would turn into such a wonderful place of learning and play for children?

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