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Sharing Good News through Music

Posted by Ginny Raffa on OA10er @ 10:31 AM


Café Ablaze began sharing the "Good News" through song and message in November 2008. On March 22, 2014, the 33 members of the current Café Ablaze staff renew their commitment to edify, educate, and encourage in Christ all who attend the coffeehouse event.  Reason 4:13 and red words, the scheduled bands for the evening, are excited to have a new opportunity to share both their musical gifts and faith testimonies.

In recent years, Café Ablaze has held three events per year, welcoming between 120-200 guests at each event. Those currently serving on the coffeehouse staff are a blend of seasoned servants and new contributors.

One Resurrection family who has served Café Ablaze since its launch in 2008 is the Giarratano family: Gasper, Darlene, Jack, and Gabriel. Darlene says, "Serving our heavenly Father, and sharing our love for Him with our guests has been an incredible blessing for our family, something we all look forward to and an event that draws us closer to one another."

Newcomer Tiffany Smitelli serves on the staff with her husband Ken, and has sung at several of the cafés. Tiffany has said, "The knowledge that I am not alone up there on the stage, but in a full partnership with the Lord, and hopefully conveying not my own, but HIS message, humbles me greatly."

Jeanie Ryan, a seasoned staff member who, like fellow staff member Palma Mega, was introduced to Resurrection by attending a Café Ablaze event, bubbles over when she shares her experiences chairing Hospitality for the café. "Preparing for Café Ablaze is much like planning for a special family celebration. We are hosting friends, old and new, to celebrate God's unconditional love which is available to everyone," she says.

Evelyn Hoffmann has managed the publicity and online media aspect of Café Ablaze since its inception.  Together with her husband Doug, who serves the café in several capacities, the Hoffmanns share, "Over the last five years, we have enjoyed watching the Café attract more and more people to God's word through its entertaining ministry."

Liz Weitzel, who has managed the decorating/design element since 2009 remarks, "I feel especially blessed to have the opportunity to work and grow with so many wonderful members of our Resurrection Café Ablaze community."

Why would YOU consider attending the upcoming March 22nd Café Ablaze event?  As Chris Zimmerman, long-serving photographer and talented artist says, "What could be better? It's all for Jesus!"

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