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Youth Have New "Home"

Posted by Ginny Raffa on OP6er @ 6:02 PM


Due to an increase in staff and activities at Resurrection, the Youth Group no longer has a dedicated place at church in which to meet. In an effort to deal with this situation, the Youth Group has begun a program of meeting in the homes of Youth Group members.

Paul Bezrutczyk, Youth Chair, Resurrection Church Council, explains, “There is no more Youth Room. The group used to meet at the Erbs, but, because of the growth of Pastor Erb’s family, that space is no longer available.

“We needed a space to meet once a month where the youth could get together, eat some food, have fun and a short devotion.”

So it was decided to ask parents to volunteer their homes. Thus far, the Youth Group has been able to meet this way only once. In October, a meeting was held in the home of Matthew and Gina Langdon in Rockville Centre. Thirteen youth and Pastor Erb attended.

Justin Schoenfeld, a Youth Group member who was present, describes the get-together. “We played games and ate snacks and food the Langdons provided. We also had a short devotional and agreed as a group that we would enjoy continuing these meetings.”

Jacob Schoenfeld, who also attended the October meeting, said, “I like meeting at people’s homes. We can do more teenage things, like video games. It’s a good way to reach out.” 

Continuing will be difficult, however, for reasons other than space.  “The youth are being pulled in so many different directions, with so many demands on their time, that it’s difficult to get a group together,” says Mr. Bezrutczyk.  “The third Thursday in the month seems most advantageous, but getting even five or six members is a challenge.”

Despite these challenges, Youth Group members have responded positively to the new program. “The plan to have Youth Group meetings in members’ homes is a good one,” says Justin. “Due to limited space in the church, and busy schedules for many of the youth, having meetings in peoples’ homes is a great way to still get the Youth Group together.”

The Youth Group keeps “the youth involved in church,” and “gives us a way to contribute in our church and community.”

Two other families have offered their homes for a Youth Group meeting, and it is hoped that a workable time can be arranged for a meeting in March. 

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