Worship Services

To listen to these worship services you must download to your computer and play with a music play such as iTunes or Windows Media Player. 

3_11_2018 Service
3/11/2018mp340 MB3/11/2018
3_4_18 Service
3/04/2018mp342 MB3/04/2018
2_25_18 Service
2/25/2018mp344 MB2/25/2018
2_18_18 Service
2/18/2018mp342 MB2/18/2018
2_11_18 Service
2/11/2018mp385 MB2/11/2018
2_4_18 Service
2/04/2018mp383 MB2/04/2018
1_28_2018 Service
1/28/2018mp368 MB1/28/2018
1_21_18 Service
1/21/2018mp368 MB1/21/2018
1_14_18 Service
1/14/2018mp380 MB1/14/2018
1_7_18 Service
1/07/2018mp375 MB1/07/2018
12_31_17 Service
12/31/2017mp371 MB12/31/2017
12_25_17 Service
12/26/2017mp372 MB12/26/2017
12_24_17- 9pm Service
12/26/2017mp360 MB12/26/2017
12_17_17 Service
12/17/2017mp353 MB12/17/2017
12_10_17 Service
12/10/2017mp378 MB12/10/2017
11_26_17 Service
11/26/2017mp361 MB11/26/2017
11_19_17 Service
11/19/2017mp391 MB11/19/2017
11_12_17 Service
11/12/2017mp381 MB11/12/2017
11_5_17 Service
11/05/2017mp376 MB11/05/2017
11/01/2017mp398 MB11/01/2017
10_29_17 Service
10/29/2017mp381 MB10/29/2017
10_22_17 Service
10/23/2017mp361 MB10/23/2017
10_15_17 Service
10/15/2017mp362 MB10/15/2017
10_1_17 Service
10/01/2017mp362 MB10/01/2017
9_24-17 Service
9/24/2017mp355 MB9/24/2017
9_17_17 Service
9/17/2017mp343 MB9/17/2017
9_10_17 Service
9/10/2017mp377 MB9/10/2017
9_3_17 Service
9/03/2017mp364 MB9/03/2017
8_27_17 Service
8/27/2017mp363 MB8/27/2017
8_20_17 Service
8/25/2017mp366 MB8/25/2017
8_13_17 Service
8/13/2017mp370 MB8/13/2017
8_6_17 Service
8/06/2017mp369 MB8/06/2017
7_30_17 Service
7/30/2017mp362 MB7/30/2017
7_23_2017 Service
7/23/2017mp367 MB7/23/2017
7_16_17 Service
7/16/2017mp371 MB7/16/2017
7_9_17 Service
7/09/2017mp368 MB7/09/2017
7/02/2017mp367 MB7/02/2017
6_25_17 Service
6/26/2017mp363 MB6/26/2017
6_18_17 Service
6/18/2017mp364 MB6/18/2017
6_11_17 Service
6/11/2017mp383 MB6/11/2017
6_4-17 SERVICE
6/04/2017mp398 MB6/04/2017
5-28_17 Service
5/28/2017mp379 MB5/28/2017
5/21/2017mp385 MB5/21/2017
5/18/2017mp343 MB5/18/2017
5_7_17 Service
5/07/2017mp368 MB5/07/2017
4-30_17 SERVICE
4/30/2017mp385 MB4/30/2017
4_16_17 Easter Service
4/17/2017mp336 MB4/17/2017
4_9_17 Service
4/09/2017mp332 MB4/09/2017
4/02/2017mp324 MB4/02/2017
3/26/2017mp330 MB3/26/2017
3/12/2017mp335 MB3/12/2017
3/05/2017mp331 MB3/05/2017
2_26_17 Service
2/26/2017mp322 MB2/26/2017
2_18_17 Service
2/19/2017mp322 MB2/19/2017
2_12_17 Service
2/12/2017mp331 MB2/12/2017
2_5_17 Service
2/05/2017mp325 MB2/05/2017
1_29_17 Service
1/29/2017mp329 MB1/29/2017
1_22_17 Service
1/22/2017mp330 MB1/22/2017
1_8_17 Service
1/10/2017mp328 MB1/10/2017