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Vicar Nathan Erb

Posted by Ginny Raffa on OP5er @ 5:40 PM



For nearly eight years, Nathan Erb has served as Resurrection’s Director of Youth and Children’s Ministries. In recent months, Nathan has articulated a desire to take another step in his vocational journey. Nathan feels God is calling him to serve the church as an ordained pastor. After several conversations with Nathan and with the elected leaders of this church, we have all agreed to give Nathan the opportunity to pursue this calling. Nathan is now enrolled at a four-year distance learning program at one of our church’s seminaries, Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Upon completion of all of his academic and vocational requirements, Nathan will be eligible to receive a call to serve as a pastor at Resurrection.  

For the foreseeable future, Nathan’s day-to-day role at Resurrection will change very little. He will be installed as a vicar and his title will be “Vicar Erb.” Yet his primary responsibility will remain directing Resurrection’s youth and children’s ministries and seeking to engage the families of this congregation. He will help lead worship services, help in planning our services, and occasionally preach a sermon. He will also assist with other pastoral duties such as visitation and funeral care as part of his practical education. Nathan’s distance learning academic program can be completed designed specifically for individuals who work full time.  In other words, his course requirements will not infringe on his work commitments.

Most importantly, Nathan understands that serving as a vicar, and perhaps one day as a pastor, carries increased expectations in terms of workload and effort. Serving as a pastor is a big responsibility and comes with a variety of challenges. Nathan is a fine man, with a kind heart and a desire to help others. My hope and prayer is that Nathan will be able to step up to fully answer the call he feels God has given him.  

In terms of the ministries and needs of Resurrection, Nathan serving as a vicar should be helpful. Our ministry team will hopefully be a bit more versatile and perhaps better equipped to serve this congregation. At the same time, the elected leadership and I still feel there is a great need for an additional full time staff member. As we did last year, we will once again pursue a pastoral intern from our seminaries. Should the request be granted, the individual would serve our congregation full time for one year, beginning this summer.

Nathan is scheduled to be installed as our vicar on the weekend of January 12/13. If you have any questions about his role, his future, or his academic program, feel free to ask me or Nathan. In the meantime, please keep him and his family in your prayers and join me in encouraging him down the path God has set before him. 


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