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From Darkness to Light: Preparing for Easter

Posted by Ginny Raffa on OP1er @ 1:25 PM


Even after attending the Saturday evening service, Lorraine Desposito graciously agreed to meet me the next day between the 8:30 and 11:00 a.m. services, for an impromptu interview. “I don’t live far,” she offered with a warm smile. It’s this pleasant, breezy, unflustered attitude that Lorraine brings to the table as Resurrection’s Chair of Worship and Music.

Lorraine is enjoying her second year, as a matter of fact, despite being thrown some curve balls during her first year. For instance, after preparing chili for what she thought was going to be a congregational Advent decorating party, only one family showed up to help decorate the Christmas tree in the Sanctuary. "Climbing the ladder by myself to get the lights just right was the most challenging," she admits, modestly. Even a bout with shingles didn't derail her! Lorraine seems to have bounced right back without ever missing a beat.

Now in the throes of preparing the church for Easter, Lent expresses its full spectrum of darkness to light with symbols, paraments and flowers from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday. “I work very closely with the Altar Guild and Nancy McDonald and Kathy Shofi. “The season actually begins by ordering white flowers for Transfiguration Sunday,” Lorraine says.

Next, Ash Wednesday follows, when she makes sure the iconic crown of thorns is displayed and there are enough burnt palms for the distribution of ashes. Meetings with Joan Altman, the church office manager, follows as the forms to order Easter lilies are crafted. Hundreds of palms must be ordered. “The fan palms the children wave come from down south,” Lorraine volunteers. “I also place palm crosses on the church doors.”

Traditionally, the marathon of three Easter services has to be well planned. Lorraine prepares breakfast for the choirs and makes sure there are enough communion wafers and wine to accommodate members and the many guests who attend.

“New this year,” Lorraine is happy to announce, “in memory of longtime member, Helen Takis, her daughter Cindy has made a donation for liquid candles. These holders and drip-less candles will make a safer difference in the pews,” she says, enthusiastically.

It’s a perfect gift of love reflecting the perfect, light-filled, Gift of Love at Easter.

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