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My Favorite Things

Posted by Resurrection Connect on OP1er @ 1:49 PM

 written by Ken Meyn


“What do you like best about coming to church?” “What is your favorite part of the service?”

 The members of the congregation were asked to respond to these questions. There were many varied replies, although there were some consistent themes. 



Many people liked the sermons. Nancy McDonald said her “favorite part of the service is the sermon. After a busy week, we need to take time out to be reminded of what was done for us, what our purpose is, and what is really of importance in our life. The message brings us back to the basics.”

 Carol Roller said, “Pastor delivers excellent sermons,” and Ellen Pantin said her favorite part was “Pastor Browning’s sermons.” Susan Graf likes “hearing Pastor Browning’s sermons.”

“The best part for us is the sermon. We love the way Pastor Jeff preaches. Also, the Benediction is a beautiful part of the service,” said Susan and Bobby Sexton.



Another favorite part of the service for many people was the celebration of Holy Communion. Susan (no last name) enjoys “the weekly message,” and feels that “receiving Communion reaffirms me for another week.”

 Dorothy Schoen said, “I like receiving Communion. When Pastor speaks the words, ‘This is my body’ and ‘This is my blood’ I just want to shout for joy as I feel so connected to Jesus.”

 Nancy Nightingale also likes the “sacrament of Holy Communion.” Deacon Ellen Farber likes “connecting with my Resurrection family,” and says her “favorite part of the service is Communion,” which she feels is “connecting with Jesus.”


Warm Atmosphere

Some people noted a warm atmosphere among the people of the congregation. Linda (no last name) said she likes “the sermons, the message” and the sense that “everyone is so welcoming.” 

“I love being among a family of people who share the joy of Christ,” wrote Sharon Meyer. She also loves “a good Browning sermon.”

 Kathy Lowe said she likes “the warm fellowship among the members,” and, in another recurring theme, “the beautiful music and inspired word.”

 Singing and music were appreciated by many who responded. “I like all of the songs and how they encourage you to worship God,” said Emma Smitelli. Tiffany Smitelli added that she likes: “The Holy Spirit filling me up and the music. Also, the Pastor always has a great message.” Karen Parker said simply, “Singing!!”

 Gloria Tassone said she likes “the silent moments” and also “Ed Dettling playing the organ.” Gloria Berkowitz said what she likes best about coming to church is “hearing the words of Jesus,” and “singing praise to him.”


Many Reasons

People found many things to like about coming to church. One member who wished to be anonymous said she likes “Divine worship, all the music, using With One Voice, sharing with new/older Christians, Pastor’s humor.”

 Ginny Erickson observed that “I like everything about the church service: the music, sermon, Holy Communion, but I think one of my favorite things is the children’s mini sermon. I love seeing the little ones run up the aisle with such enthusiasm and love some of the remarks and answers they make.”

 Rachael Buck likes “all of it, but the verse of the month ranks high because it affirms that we are meditating on God’s Word all week. I was delighted when I saw that in the worship folder as part of the service when I first came to Resurrection.”

 Carol and Frank Wibben mention that “our favorite parts of the service are the sermon, children’s sermonette, hymn singing, choir anthem, Bible readings, Communion and prayers.” Ken S enjoys “the quiet time after Communion to be contemplative about the Lord’s will for our lives.” 

 Grace Faley likes “going to Sunday School.” Else Goddard mentioned that “church centers me for whatever is ahead of me.”

 Ilse Albers summed up her favorite parts of coming to church: “Communion – ‘touching God.’ Sermons (children’s as well as adults) - inspirational, informative, humorous, relevant. Prayers - comprehensive

Music - all of it. People - interaction, welcoming.”

 One final comment, from Darlene Giarratano, who likes coming to church because she finds a “feeling I’ve searched for my whole life.” 



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