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Social Ties We Build

Posted by Ginny Raffa on OP2er @ 2:09 PM


When John Kingston joined Lutheran Church of the Resurrection in 2010, he was looking for a men’s group to join to discuss men’s issues in the Christian world and build friendships. Little did he realize, he would be running Resurrection’s Men’s Ministry six years later.  “Harry Oellrich did a great job and I had big shoes to fill,” said John.

Some men might be interested in attending but are a little worried that they’d be expected to come up with some incredibly insightful perspective on Christianity, the history of the Lutheran church or share some intimate part of their personal life. There are some men who are very talkative, and others who hardly say a word. And that’s what makes the group work. The fact that so many people come time and time again is what shows the value of Men's Ministry. “Each person who does that is showing, by their attendance, that their Christian journey is being enhanced in one way or another,” said John. 

Resurrection’s Men’s Ministry has about 20 members with anywhere from 12-15 in attendance when they meet once a month.  The topic of conversation determines the location, which is either at Park City Diner in Garden City South for breakfast, the gym at Resurrection if audio/visual equipment is needed (breakfast is also provided), and an annual Football Watching Party at Harry Oellrich’s house.     

The topics of conversation themes are secular but with a Christian aspect.  Some discussions in the last year were about Islam and different views about it, Martin Luther and the start of the Reformation, the teachings of God and the Lutheran Church, the collapse of male friendships, and Resurrection’s fundraisers and activities throughout the year.  “Sometimes it’s a challenge to come up with discussions, but we always do,” said John.  “There’s been plenty of times discussions drifted, and we talked about how the Yankees played or why the Mets have so many injuries.  Vicar Jordan has been a tremendous help and resource.  One of his presentations was about his archeological dig in Israel that everyone really enjoyed.”

If you are interested or would like to join Resurrection’s Men’s Ministry, please contact John through the church office. A monthly email is sent with details of the time and location of the monthly meeting.  The fall kickoff meeting is on September 18 for the Detroit Lions v. NY Giants game, with the next meeting either the first or second Saturday of October.  “We are always looking for new members and new ways to do things for the church,” said John.  “The social ties we build are sometimes more important than the subject matter, and we are building relationships with other members.  And if nothing else, the breakfast at the Park Diner, or the belly buster sandwiches that Harry Oellrich brings to the church meetings, are really good.” 

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