…count others more significant than yourselves. Let each of you look not only to their own interests, but also the interests of others. Philippians 2:3-4

I have always been very impressed with the mindset of this congregation. Helping, sharing, and giving are clearly priorities for the people of God at Resurrection. We are called to think beyond ourselves, and beyond the walls of the building that hosts our day-to-day congregational life. The people of Resurrection have answered and continue to answer that call through generous support of missions and ministries all over the world.

In addition to our planned support of missions, the people of this congregation also have established an impressive track record of stepping up and going above and beyond in times of great need, at moments of crisis. In recent years, our congregation has responded to hurricanes and earthquakes, natural disasters that have happened here and elsewhere. You have helped rebuild towns and villages. On top of that, you have helped families from our congregation who were down to nothing, and had nowhere else to turn. I always feel proud and blessed to serve this congregation, but it’s especially wonderful to see God at work through all of you in these times of great need.

Recent news has been nothing short of overwhelming. Every week we are praying for more and more people in need. Hurricane recovery has been happening Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico, and throughout much of the Caribbean and will continue for years. With each storm, the challenge seems increasingly insurmountable. But as the people of God, as followers of Jesus Christ, we must do something.

In the wake of all that’s been happening in our hemisphere these past several weeks, it seems appropriate to once again contemplate these words from St. Paul, recorded in Philippians chapter 2. Look beyond just our own interests, and recognize the needs of others. We continue to ask you to consider a donation to help with disaster relief in the affected areas. You can make your donation during any of our worship services throughout the month of October.  The offering at the special Reformation service will be used to help with recovery efforts as well. The total sum of all donations will be matched by a grant from Resurrection’s Living Endowment Fund, up to $7,500. Be assured that 100 percent of all donated funds will be used for recovery efforts in impacted areas.   

Count others more significant than yourselves,” St. Paul writes. These words capture the very heart of our faith. This ideal was what compelled Christ toward the cross. He regarded our lives as more significant than His own. In the face of great, ongoing needs, we pray that He would inspire all of us in that same direction.