What Is The National Youth Gathering?

The National Youth Gathering (NYG, or Gathering) is an event held every three years for youth of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod (LCMS) to spend time together in worship, God’s Word, prayer, song and service. The Gathering provides young people an opportunity to learn more about Jesus Christ, the Christian faith and their Lutheran identity. This event, which is the single largest LCMS event, is organized by LCMS Youth Ministry in St. Louis, Missouri.


Why You Need To Attend This Event

Every day we are bombarded with messages—from all different sources. We are told who we are supposed to be; what we are supposed to enjoy; who we are supposed to hang out with; what we are supposed to do with our lives; and what is considered good or bad. Some say the church does the same thing—telling us what to believe. But the church conveys what God wants you to know. God tells you through His Word and Jesus’ Life – “I Love you – you are mine—I have a plan for your life.”

Through Christ, we are a new person – forgiven, loved, renewed, set free. It’s easy to forget that—in a world that holds grudges, seeks revenge, tells you that different is bad, and wants you to fit into the box it has created.

At the Gathering you will be surrounded be people just like you – teenagers who have questions, ideas, dreams, and who are discovering their purpose in this life. The difference is that they are exploring inside the Grace of God. You’ll see that you’re not alone in your faith, and that thousands of others are on a journey just like you! This event will change your life.


At the Gathering You will...

Rejoice – The Gathering is full of opportunities to play games, try new things, hang with your friends, listen and meet bands, speakers, and artists who love God like you do.


Renew – Grow closer to friends from church and adult leaders who love you and care for you - who want to help you grow closer to Christ!


Realize–The joy we have in Christ is brought to life through service projects, bible studies, church group time, and praising God with 25,000 others in the Mass Events.