Confirmation Overview

Confirmation is the time in a person’s life when they confirm what God has done for them in their baptism. In baptism, Christ unites us to his death and resurrection - by which he forgives our sins, and gives us eternal life. Confirmation explores what it means to live a life of Faith in Jesus, so that we might be able to say with confidence, “I believe that God loves me, claims me as His own, forgives my sins, gives me eternal life; and in response - I live not according to my will, but to God’s.” 


Confirmation, is not just time spent in a classroom. It's experiencing what life in in the Church is all about. Throughout the 3 years in the program we focus on three aspects of Christian life

  1. Social. Your child will develop meaningful relationships with other students and with caring adults.
  2. Spiritual. Your child will come into contact with Jesus on a regular basis and it is our goal that they develop a strong relationship with Him
  3. Service. Serving God and serving one another is one of the ultimate acts of Christian Love.


Confirmation is not just about attending a few classes, but is a time for young people to get together with their friends from the church, along with caring Christian adults, to learn about life with Christ through games, stories, songs, videos, discussions and whatever we can think of to make the time together effective and meaningful.




Current Topic


The Ascension

After Jesus died, and rose from the dead, he spend 40 days with his disciples, until one day he Ascended into heaven, to sit at God's right hand.

Why did he leave?

Is he coming back?

What is Jesus doing?

What should we do now?