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All People

The books we refer to as the Old Testament contain the history of God's interaction with His chosen people - the Israelites. We also refer to them as the Jewish people. Jesus came from this lineage as well. And so the scriptures say that "Salvation will come from the Jews." 


But there were some who believed that this also meant salvation was "only for" the Jews. Peter, one of Jesus disciples, was still not convinced that Jesus came for anyone other than the Jews, his own people. Those who were not Jews were called Gentiles. These are the two main people groups in the scriptures. And depending on who your father was - literally - in meant you were "in" or "out". 


But God reveals to Peter in a vision that God, through Jesus, has come to make all people clean. That Jesus in fact died for the sins of all people. God does not choose favorites the way that we often (and wrongfully) do - but he gives his love, mercy, and grace to all people.