The Lutheran Church of the Resurrection and THE LIFE offers a number of Christ-centered activities and events planned by and for women. Resurrection Women's Ministries provides a variety of meaningful opportunities for the women in every stage of life to grow in the Christian faith, meet new people, and give in significant ways to those in need.



Women of all ages are invited to be part of the Women’s Ministry program. Join us for First Fridays of each month. We meet at 7pm in the gym, with fellowship, desserts, prayer, devotion, and a brief discussion of the year’s events. 


FIRst Place 4Health

First Place 4Health uses a Biblical approach to weight loss and overall health management, which puts Christ first and improves every area of a person’s life. 

The studies address many issues of everyday life and provide opportunities for growth in Christ. Members complete a weekly Bible study which—combined with prayer and Scripture reading—helps to impart God's strength, empowering members to overcome temptation and make long-lasting lifestyle changes.

For more info, contact Linda Wardley, Linda@resgc.org .

For more information about specific service opportunities and events, or to be a part of women's ministries contact the church office.